Flash Fiction

Love: More and Enough

It was time to blow the birthday candles, all three of them, but the little girl was eyeing the gifts instead. As she rushed to open a gift box with the help of her mother, she looked at the toy and carefully put it aside and said, “more please”. Her mother forced a smile and flushed a bit, while another gift was being handed to her. The little girl again tore the gift wrap and instantly said, “more please!”. Then a little boy appeared as if someone pushed him forward from behind. He was holding a box bigger than his little arms can hold onto.

The boy dropped the box on the coffee table. The girl, feeling puzzled, rose from her seat and opened it. She recognized the colored envelopes with cute stickers, her curly handwriting and hearts she had drawn. She looked at him with teary eyes and asked, “don’t you want more?”. The boy said “I had enough!”.

The waitress was startled with the voice of the young man, “enough, thank you!”. She looked at the table and saw the dripping water. As she apologized and handed him some napkins, he said, “more please!” and kept smiling at her while drying himself.

He was trying to dry himself with a rough towel while she was still in the shower. She was singing a song that was stuck in her head. She didn’t really know where it came from. Probably a song from her childhood, she thought, as she kept singing. He handed her a towel the second she stepped out of the tub, dripping water. She turned to him and said, “Do you remember your first gift to me, almost fifty years ago?”. He nodded and gave her a delicate kiss. She responded softly, “more please!”.

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